PQC Policy brief paper (WP6)

PQC Policy brief paper

PQC Seminar:  6, May 2022.

Aika: perjantai 6.5.2022 8:30-12:00
Paikka: Business Finland toimitilat

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 PQC Seminar Posters

ETSI releases two Technical Reports for post-quantum cryptography

ETSI TR 103 823 "Quantum-Safe Public Key Encryption and Key Encapsulation"

ETSI TR 103 616"Quantum-Safe Signatures" 

Post-Quantum Cryptography Finland won the Finnish Security Award 2020 in gategory Future.

The award is granted by Finnish Security & Risk Management magazine annually. More information about the FSA.

The award was presented 9-Nov-2020 at SSH Oyj premises to steering group chairman Jorma Mellin.