Post-quantum cryptography finland



PQC Finland is national project aiming to develop, analyze and study Quantum-Safe algorithms and suitability to national security, products and practices. Project is funded by Business Finland. This project contains both theoretical, empirical and practical aspects. At the theoretical level, research on the theory of PQC and QC is conducted by the research partners of the project in collaboration with the industry partners. Empirical tests on QC and its capabilities in breaking the PQC systems are conducted if possible, but mainly these will be simulated as suitable quantum computers do not yet exist. Proof-of-concept implementations of PQC candidates are constructed by industry and research partners. These will cover the most relevant use cases and scenarios.


 Quantum computing is progressing at a fast pace and a useful quantum computer can break currently used public key cryptography systems. This has prompted the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to start a standardisation competition on Post-Quantum Cryptography. This project will work on researching the theory, properties and limitations of Post-Quantum Cryptography and implement the most promising candidates in real products offered by companies in different industries.

The project brings together members of the industry, academic research organisations and key stakeholders from the government. This results in a beneficial cooperation within the project between all the participants. In addition to the national consortium, the project partners will work with leading international partners (e.g. NIST) in their reseach endeavours


The project is divided into Work Packages with leading organisation. The work is carried out within the work packages and shared among other work packages regularly. Work packet 1 (WP1) is general project management and communications, work packet 7 (WP7) for result gathering and dissemination. For Work Package leaders contact info see About Us.


 Post Quantum Cryptography (PQC)

Lead org: Helsinki univ / Contact

Research of PQC

security of PQC candidates including side-channel attacks.

Mitigations to these studied and proposed whenever possible.


Quantum Computing (QC)

Lead org: Aalto university

Overview of most likely scenarios of QC development and implications of those (research, education, critical computing, access to key materials, opportunities for Finnish companies). Recommendations paper to be used as guideline for future development of QC.



Requirements and limitations for PQC in PKI

Lead org: Insta Oy

Study of PQC algorithm implementation and performance on Hardware Security Modules (HSM), smart cards and FPGA and IoT devices.

PKI related management protocols (e.g. CMP, EST, ACME) with PQC algorithms.



Implementing PQC

Lead org: SSH Oyj

PQC implementation to various products, test it thoroughly and analyze the gaps and effects for successful implementation into national use.




Future directions and certification of PQC and QC

Lead org: VTT Oy

Create vision and strategy for national digital security by utilizing cryptographic methods.

Set PQC criteria and certification parameters for nationally approved solutions ranging from TL IV to TL II.